What The Kids Want (press release)

‘What The Kids Want’ is a blistering display of Chay Snowdon’s swagger drenched rock n roll. With shredding guitars soaring, wailing and searing through a curdling drum rumble and pulsing bass line the band showcase their ability to produce a high powered anthem laced in panache and refined instrumentation” Indie Buddie

‘What The Kids Want’ With driving drums, fuzzed out bass, and scuzzy guitars, the track has the ferocity of early 00s garage rock revival with lyrics that sound straight out of a Guy Ritchie film” Surviving The Golden Age

“It’s an absolutely fantastic track, that is an absolute Tune! We were singing along all the way through, what an absolute tune that is!” The Premium Blend Radio Show

“As a live performer, Snowdon is electrifying, he’s completely and utterly brilliant to watch. Every note is hit, and every opportunity to thrash around the stage like a man possessed is welcomed with open arms – to us, there’s not much more you could ask from a frontman” One On One Music

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FFO. Arctic Monkeys, The Amazons, Sam Fender      ISRC. UK 4JE 20 00002

‘What The Kids Want’ is the first lead single from Chay Snowdon’s debut EP ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We Will Begin)’. The band joined forces with highly acclaimed music producer John Cornfield (Muse, Supergrass, Razorlight etc.) to record this high tempo track that’s a full on pressure pot from start to finish. Snowdon explains that ‘What the Kids Want’ is an amalgamation of lots of different stories and experiences as told through one central character. Most of the subject matter in the song derives from things Chay heard, experienced, or witnessed whilst living in Bristol. The story unfolds as if it could be the plot to an old Hollywood Blockbuster.

• Two UK tours with several sell out shows
• Repeat plays from Steve Lamacq BBC6 Music, Planet Rock Radio, Sirius XM, Amazing Radio, Rock Rage Radio
• Invited to play Boardmasters, Y Not Festival, Dot To Dot Festival, 2000 Trees, Chagstock, Looe Music Festival
• Supported The Sherlocks, Jordan Allen, The Snuts, Hunter and The Bear, Glass Caves, Red Faces and Vant • Recorded upcoming EP with John Cornfield (Supergrass, Muse, Razorlight etc.)
• Performed live sessions for BBC Introducing in the West and BBC Introducing in Devon


“Take four suave young gentlemen. Now, add in a set of flashy shirts and skinny jeans, and throw in a pinch of hairspray. Then, arm them with guitars, dollop on a shedload of reach-for-the-skies choruses, and sprinkle on enough attitude to put Gallagher to shame, and what do you get?…The answer, it seems, is Chay Snowdon.” One On One Music Magazine

Chay Snowdon are an Indie Rock fourpiece based in Bristol/Plymouth. With Jack Hawkins providing anthemic guitar
riffs on lead guitar, George Roach complementing Luke Westwood’s strong and powerful drum sections with his
thick and simplistic bass lines. Which when put together provide a sublime wall of sound for Chay Snowdon to add
his chugging rhythm guitar and uniquely powerful vocals.

“Once you hear frontman Chay Snowdon’s incredibly unique and powerful voice, you’ll understand why. Their gritty, infectious real-talk rock sits somewhere in between Catfish and The Bottlemen and Kings Of Leon” Total Entertainment

‘Men Cry Too!’ which was released in 2019 and is set to make an appearance on the upcoming EP ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We Will Begin)’ received massive support from Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 music as well as repeat plays from Amazing Radio “Men Cry Too! caught my attention recently not only for the song craft and the music but also for the mental health message which I think is really important.” Charlie Ashcroft. The band were also invited to perform a live session for BBC Introducing in the West, “He has always been a great song writer and now he is making his songs sound absolutely fabulous I’m very proud to get him into the white room”  Sam Bonham, BBC Introducing in the West.

Chay Snowdon have been selling out their own headline shows time and time again, as well as playing some amazing festivals including Liverpool Sound City, 2000 Trees, , Y-Not Festival, Boardmasters, Dot To Dot Festival, Lechlade Festival, Oceanfest, Chagstock and Looe Music Festival.

Other massive shows the band have been invited to play include The British Fireworks Championships and Radio Plymouths Bonfire Night Celebrations on Plymouth Hoe to crowds of around 10,000 people. As well as supporting The Sherlocks, The Hot Sprockets, Jordan Allen, The Snuts, Hunter and The Bear, Glass Caves, Red Faces, Ink and Vant.

Steve Lamacq BBC 6 Music (repeat plays), Wyatt Wendels Planet Rock (playlisted two consecutive weeks), Sirius XM (playlisted), BBC Introducing in the West (Repeat plays + in session), Charlie Ashcroft Amazing Radio (repeat plays), Rock Rage Radio (Rock Lobster Show), The Sound lab( playlisted), Transmission Radio, The Premium Blend Radio Show, Hard Rock Hell Radio, Rock Radio,
Valley 89.5, Banks Radio Australia, Diverse FM, Hailsham FM, Shoreditch Radio, Radio St. Austell Bay, Canalside Radio, Gwent Radio, Mod Radio, Susy Radio, DFM, Swindon 105.5, Hub Radio, Wigwam Radio, This Is Only Rock Radio, Union JackRadio, K107 FM, SFM Radio, Raw FM, Soho Radio, Temporary Noise, Sheffield Live, Nevis Radio, Official 365
Network, EGH Radio, Hoxton Radio, Bombshell Radio

What The Kids Want (Lyrics)
BPM – 150
Pre Chorus
Don’t get yourself mixed up with crooks, high fades hidden blades money stashed in books, kick cans join a
gang you yourself a crook, money talks son, It’s what the kids want
Na na na na, It’s what the kids want
Verse 1
Let me paint you a picture, let me set you the scene, a young man from England, and the American Dream,
some quote she read on a poster, she captioned it on the gram, 200 likes in a minute? I guess they must be
her friends
Pre Chorus
Don’t get yourself mixed up with crooks, high fades hidden blades money stashed in books, kick cans join a
gang you yourself a crook, money talks son, It’s what the kids want
Na na na na, It’s what the kids want
Verse 2
I took her out of an evening, because that’s just what we did, just to breathe in the culture, drum and bass for
the kids, We sat and talked in your Corsa, until the windows steamed up, about how your mum hates your
skin fade, one day the world will catch up
Na na na na, It’s what the kids want