LOUD SHIRTS (press release)

“This is a bit of much needed fun for the Indie kids. They Rock N Roll their way in your face from the start and give us an electrifying performance. Pure rocker with no special effects. They have flashes of Brit Pop and have the potential to be a Supergrass style band that could lead an indie revival.” Ian Punter, Annies Attic (Southend)

“Some real energy in this and will sound great in a club someday soon” Adam Morley, Leadmill (Sheffield)

“What I really like about this one, is the almost 70s glam rock n roll nuances in that” – Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music

CHAY SNOWDON are set to release their new single ‘Loud Shirts’, via CD Baby on 19th February. ‘Loud Shirts’ is taken from their forthcoming debut EP – ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably? (Then We’ll Begin)’ currently slated for mid March release.

CHAY SNOWDON are a four-piece alternative rock outfit based in the South West of England. Their influences range from NYC proto punk, seventies Glam rock through to contemporary powerhouse alternative indie – all seared together with the trademark vocal sneer and gritty snarl of lead singer Chay. ‘Loud Shirts’ is the third single to be released from the band’s debut EP. ‘Loud Shirts’ follows the singles, ‘Tough Guys Die First’ and ‘What the Kids Want’, which gained playlisting on Planet Rock, plus repeat plays on Sirius XM (USA) and BBC Radio 6 Music from Steve Lamacq. Lamacq also gave the bands, ‘Men Cry Too!’ single repeat plays on his daytime show.

Having spent his early years living in the Almeria province of Southern Spain, a hub for the filming of classic Spaghetti Westerns, Chay developed a love for classic films and became fascinated by the stereotypical ‘bad guy’ characters. Chay says of the new single, ‘“Loud Shirts’ it was the first song written that solely had the live shows in mind. It’s purpose is to get the crowd down the front and going for it. It’s a song that has been in our set for a few years, but never gets old to play! It has become ‘one of those songs’ that our regular gig goers all know and anticipate in our sets, it has most definitely been a tune that has been gagging for a release. So, we finally felt it deserved to be recorded so fans can dance around at home and drift away into a dream world of mosh pits and chanting.

One of the bands main focuses was always to make sure that the tracks have just as much energy when recorded as they do live. However, this time they had the added hurdle of recording in the midst of a pandemic. With a live room dedicated to recording, a microphone wired up to a caravan that sat on the driveway and the best weather Britain could muster, it certainly was an experience that you couldn’t help but inject energy into. ‘Loud Shirts’ was produced by John Cornfield, (Muse, Supergrass and Robert Plant). Continues Chay, “‘Loud Shirts’ is centred around one of the bands greatest passions in life, which is of course … the loudest shirts on the market! Most mates would rip into each other if your shirt was a bit out there. However, it’s the complete opposite here … if your shirt is a bit bland, you’ll certainly know about it.”

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• Two UK tours with several sell out shows
• Repeat plays from Steve Lamacq BBC6 Music, Planet Rock Radio (playlisted), Sirius XM, Amazing Radio, Rock Rage Radio
• Invited to play Boardmasters, Y Not Festival, Dot To Dot Festival, 2000 Trees, Chagstock, Looe Music Festival
• Supported The Sherlocks, Jordan Allen, The Snuts, Hunter and The Bear, Glass Caves, Red Faces and Vant • Recorded upcoming EP with John Cornfield (Supergrass, Muse, Razorlight etc.)
• Performed live sessions for BBC Introducing in the West and BBC Introducing in Devon

“Once you hear frontman Chay Snowdon’s incredibly unique and powerful voice, you’ll understand why. Their gritty, infectious real-talk rock sits somewhere in between Catfish and The Bottlemen and Kings Of Leon” Total Entertainment

Loud Shirts

BPM – 105

Verse 1

Leave your coats on the bedroom floor, you won’t be needing them any more, there’s sweat dripping from the walls,

It’s like a scene out of ‘Project X’, ‘The Kama Sutra never had this much context, as the neighbours cry “Oh whatever next?”


Yea you’ve got style, when you’re half cut, wearing loud shirts, loud shirts,

and all the while, messy hair cuts, and loud shirts, loud shirts

Verse 2

I’d nail everything down to the ground, last time the television set was never found, I hope it doesn’t happen this time around,

I heard that reputations tend to stick, singing all the words to teenage kicks, was Captain Blithe as lost as this?


Yea you’ve got style, when you’re half cut, wearing loud shirts, loud shirts,

and all the while, messy hair cuts, and loud shirts, loud shirts

Middle 8/ Breakdown

This kind of thing has all happened before, different year, different house, different door, dodgy dance moves on a sticky dance floor,

not some kind of modern day innovator, there’s always someone to carry it all on later, and plenty who’ve done it all before


Yea you’ve got style, when you’re half cut, wearing loud shirts, loud shirts,

and all the while, messy hair cuts, and loud shirts, loud shirts

Half Time Chorus

Yea you’ve got style, when you’re half cut, wearing loud shirts, loud shirts,

and all the while, messy hair cuts, and loud shirts, loud shirts